How to Start a Young Adult Ministry

I am thrilled with the sincere leadership interest in young adult ministry coming from administrators, educators, pastors [including senior pastors], ministry directors [beyond youth directors], and parents.

In response to an overflow of requests as to “How To Start a Young Adult Ministry,” I wanted to offer you three very helpful resources you can use, and I would encourage you to share with your network of ministry practitioners.

1. SHARE & USE:  Young Adult Ministry Starter Pak Series

I’ll be releasing a series of FREE starter packets that can be used by anyone, novice or ministry professional, at any level [local church/campus, conference, union, division].

This first pak gives focus to RESEARCH []. Although not glamorous, I believe it provides a solid foundation on which to build your young adult ministry. And I affirm that it is a required step, not to be bypassed.  In subsequent quarters, look for the next starter pak to be posted in our Young Adult Ministry Advisory group on facebook.

Young Adult Ministry Starter Pak 1:

2. JOIN & ENLIST:  Young Adult Ministry Advisory [YAMA] on facebook

Over 350 strong, the NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory [] is a collection of practitioners, professionals, and enthusiasts sharing resources and support to local young adult ministry while also giving feedback and counsel to the NAD Youth/Young Adult Ministries Department.  There is no obligation or fee to be part of this facebook group, and it is a live and current assistance to young adult ministry efforts locally and regionally.  You and others of your team involved in young adult ministry are welcome to join.

NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory group on facebook:

3. IGNITION:  Young Adult Ministry Training

Over the last decade, we have provided young adult ministry training across the NAD and beyond.  Under the branding of IGNITION, we have seen several local conferences continue this training in their context, giving special emphasis to helping local leaders disciple those post high-school through pre-parenthood.  We applaud these local efforts and direct you to our continued division-wide efforts to educate and equip [Look for young adult seminars at the coming NAD Festival of the Laity and the NAD Just Claim It 3: Prayer Summit].

We encourage you to establish an IGNITION for your constituents.  Our blog site [], offers us an online space to advertise and alert others to your young adult ministry training events.  Also find there helpful resources and dialogue.  It is exciting to see many leaders, beyond youth ministry professionals, seeing the importance of mentoring new generations and beginning in earnest to train and equip to that end.

IGNITION Young Adult Ministry Training:

I hope these three items are of help to you and your valued ministry.  Please share freely with your colleagues and those for whom you provide oversight.

This current generation of young adults [aka:  The Millennials or Generation Y] is said to be the largest generation in the history of the world.  I am honored and humbled to work alongside you, making a Kingdom-size investment in these young adult lives.

About A Allan Martin, PhD

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4 Responses to How to Start a Young Adult Ministry

  1. Pastor Sinyinza Joseph says:

    I was looking for information on how to start Young Adult Ministry in my are city, so searched it through goggle and I first saw it and loved it. Can you send materials here and can we work together to touch Youths? I leave in Zambia

    • Pastor, all the materials are available for download to your computer directly from the internet, so there is no need to send items. I hope they are helpful to your endeavors. Blessings to you in your efforts to make a Kingdom impact.

  2. Thanks Allan for these excellent resources. I will continue to share this with our network of church leaders. Blessings

  3. Benjamin Lundquist says:

    Allen, really appreciate this starter pac. I will be connecting many local church YA leaders to this in the AZ conference!

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