Basics of Young Adult Ministry

Jumping off on Allan’s last post, here’s a simple outline I prepared some time ago on the basics of young adult ministry.

A. I define young adults as men and women ages 18-35, whether single or married.

B.   Goals of young adult ministry:

  • Evangelize young adults
  • Nurture their spiritual life
  • Connect with community
  • Involve in mission
  • Prepare for leadership

C.  Ministry with young adults may be coordinated by a staff member or by young adult volunteers. Young adult ministry is done with young adults rather than for them; thus there should be opportunity for developing collaboration and leadership skills. Give them resources and let them go!

D. First steps:

  • Get a small core team of committed people
  • Have initial social event with food (“If you feed them, they will come”) to get an idea of what people are interested in
  • Build around a regular, consistent event
  • Seek a balance of spiritual, social, and service activities
  • Plug into city-wide events.
  • Don’t get discouraged!

D.  Ministry with young adults should aim at integration of young adults into all areas of church life and leadership, not simply the establishment of a young adult group.

E.  Where appropriate, young adult ministry should include specific outreach to college and university students and faculty, and the establishment of chapters of Adventist Christian Fellowship.

F. Communication is critical

  •  In some churches it is hard to get “pulpit time” for oral announcements.
  • Young adults don’t tend to read the bulletin, even when you get something in it.
  • Social media and personal invitations

About A Allan Martin, PhD

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