2013 World Conference on Youth & Community Service

The World Conference on Youth and Community Services will convene in Pretoria, South Africa from July 1 to 13, 2013. Youth from around the world will participate in this noble cause. The project will bring senior youth and young adults, ages 16 to 35, from every world division of the church. One week will be set aside for the youth and their leaders to be involved in a youth-oriented service projects. For more information go to http://impactgcyouth.org/

What is the World Conference on Youth & Community Service?
The World Conference on Youth and Community Service is sponsored by the General Conference Youth Ministries Department. Our aim is to develop global unity and to set up a model for youth ministry in Discipleship, Community, and Mission for young people, 16-35 years old.

The WCYCS comprises two phases:
During the first phase (1-6 July)  South Africa will be saturated with service projects like orphanage visitation and improvements, construction, HIV Aids awareness and prevention, school developments, community beautification projects, health expos, sports training, as well as evangelistic meetings. These will be all carried out by participating groups from all over the world in partnership with local youths.

The second phase (8-13 July) will bring all service project participants as well as others to Pretoria for a celebration of what God would have done through our youth in the first phase and for the development of global community through small groups, Discipleship, focused mission training, and worship.

For more information, visit http://impactgcyouth.org/


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Jeremiah 24/7
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63 Responses to 2013 World Conference on Youth & Community Service

  1. Looks like an outstanding time. Are you planning on attending Allan?


  2. Adrian Riojas says:

    This would be SO cool to attend. AND… I’m off during the summer! 😀

  3. The North American Division is planning on taking a delegation of Young Adults to South Africa for the WCYCS in 2013. More info to come soon….

  4. Tshabie Mokotjo says:

    I will definately be there.

  5. Gugu Khumalo says:

    This is a must attend and participate,l can’t wait….

  6. sonny UMBA MANDE says:

    ça sera fantanstique puisque tout les yeux du monde sot praquer pour pretoria
    que Dieu vous bénisse

  7. Paul keino says:

    God bless our youth

  8. Paul keino says:

    I want to register and in EAD what sould I do not to miss. I was in Bangkok and it was wonderful.

  9. Paul keino says:

    No youth should miss the event it is best and will built your spiritual life. God bless our youth.

  10. 58pk says:

    The method and were to remitt registration fee should be clear to assist those who ready to rigister without Delay.

  11. richard otieno owino says:

    It is a worthy cause for Jesus in the 21st century.

  12. it is a must attend congress.

  13. Faisal Javed says:

    This conference will be fire of God i will must join it God bless organizers.

  14. Sikota Mwangala says:

    This is a must attend for all youth worldwide. Zambia will keep the fire burning.

  15. I cant wait to be there my fellow youth! for the first time Tanzania youth will give the world of adventist youth a big suprise!

  16. Danna says:

    West Broad SDA Savannah,GA will be there

  17. we are working as non profit organization called Swaraj Foundation working in the field of youth developments through sustainable community development programms… this is for the first time im applying for this conference.. plz guide me and let know how to attend this conference …I have attended Youth Conferences in Jakarta Indonesia organised by Asia Society… plz guide me how to attend this confeneces ….

  18. Joseph Ayonga says:

    This is awesome and I pray all goes as planed

  19. Elieskia Mshana says:

    Mungu awabariki waandaaji wa kambi hilo.

  20. Nirmal Chongbang says:

    Shall I apply from Nepal…….

  21. I hope I will attend, can’t afford to miss this awesome event!!

  22. glorai says:

    we want to join conference

  23. I am definately attending thank God it’s in South Africa and thank God I can afford it.

  24. tariq james says:

    i want to join conference

  25. Morris Kamara jr says:

    Thank God for this I am going to be there, in Jesus name.

  26. Adesina Joel says:

    May God Revive our youth and the entire South Africa through this wonderful program

  27. National Coordinator KNOWING THE WORD CAMEROON, says:

    God bless you for this initiative Please i need details on participation. i will love to be part of this event. i have been leading youths in my community and the church for over a decade.

  28. Claudia says:

    Hello! I’m from Lima Peru and I plan to go to the World Youth Congress, I’m looking for people who will attend as well because so far I can not find my country younger than travel to South Africa, then I want to go making friends with people if traveling. I speak Spanish and little English, I have 31 years and my email is claudia_2602@hotmail.com. Blessings!

  29. As a young person, i will like to meet with other youths around the world discussing economics issues relative to the young people.

  30. Mohammad Omar says:

    My name is Mohammad Omar from Kabul, Afghanistan and I am also really interested to participate in this conference and also want to make friends from different parts of the world.

  31. Fred says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Enock from Habari Njema Centre Dar es salaam.We are very excited and we hope to attend and participate.May God lead as you prepare the program.

  32. African Youth Development Center says:

    This is the NGO African Youth Development Center,Guinea republic ,Amara Conte,Mariam Camara and Salimou Sylla would like to attend this upcoming conference that will be held South Africa.You can join us at the below mentioned address.

  33. God's little Girl says:

    Hi, I love these initiative where the youth of these day’s are thought how to express Jesus His Love..I hope that in all that is planned His name will be glorified and that people all over the world may see the difference between God’s true love and human described love… I wish i could be there with a group out of Suriname !

    • African Youth Center says:

      Ok we took note and will attend the conference soon or later let me know about it. Regards   Amara



  35. Ombati mokua says:

    Its a noble activity worth participating. Am really prayng to be part of it. By faith,al b thea

    • Emmanuel Assignon says:

      we wants to attend the conference however we required invitation letters to enable us proceed to whom do we send the names for the letters? EMMANUEL ASSIGNON

      Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 11:40:31 +0000 To: wrnt@hotmail.com

  36. ANIEZE says:


  37. I would wish to make a presentation about youth unemployment in africa an entrepreneurship perspective.

  38. Anyas Valentine Mall says:

    Wish and try to attend by The will of Lord almighty to be courageous and stable in the days of youth.

  39. Can a Liberian youth leader attend this all important event?

  40. Youth Initiative for Community Development(YICD) Inc/Liberia; West Africa (C/O: T. Edwin Kamara, Snr.) says:

    I am from Liberia, an emerging democracy nation of West Africa that has the first female head of state in Africa. My colleagues and I have attended several undertakings but in their own unique styles. Our organization is the Youth Initiative for Community Development(YICD) Inc. We are so much excited about been a part of this conference to benefit from the inspirational activities that would bring added value to our programming and foundation’s works back home. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards

    • ombati timothy says:

      my name is TIMOTHY OMBATI a kenyan by nationality but currently studying in uganda. i have the urge to attend the conference but i am financially constrained. any friend out there who can support me to represent my SDA association from school i will appreciate. thank you.
      my contacts: email:ombatitim@gmail.com; captimo@yahoo.com

  41. Muhammad Nawaz Tunio says:

    I am Muhammad Nawaz Tunio, I have done MS and have sound research experience. I want to attain this event but I have financial problem, if travel grant be provided, it will be great help for me. mntunio@gmail.com

  42. ombati timothy mokua says:

    i am ombati timothy a medical student now in my 4th year from kenya but studying in uganda. i really want to be there but i am constrained with finances, i hope i get a friend in christ out there who can support me,thank you.

  43. emmanuel says:

    My name is Emmanuel Oyedeji, a Nigerian and a fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I am presently undergoing compulsory National youth service in my country. I really love to be at this forum but constrained with finances. I hope a friend out there can assist me financially for this trip. God bless you all. beulahinlevi200@yahoo.com

  44. Maxwell Odongo Odhiambo says:

    I am a Kenyan youth and a Christian I would really like to attend the conference to take place in Pretoria South Africa in july this year. I can afford to pay for the return ticket please let me know if it is possible.

  45. victor ogbijah says:

    I am Victor Ogbijah of the Vision Of Change International, whose main mission is to help the third world nations develop her human capital, primarily by developing their minds and value system. We have over the past 10years holding the change conference in Nigeria, and since Raised what we call CIAs ( Change Initiating Agents). We presently act as a consortium of community development organisations. I will want this exposure, but will like to know how to particapate and how many persons can come with me. Will there be room for networking?

  46. Bongani Ndlovu says:

    God giving me life I will be there. I appeal to all youth to count it on their preferred programs that they include this event for it is a lifetime event. Be there tobe blessing to someone and for someone to be a blessing to you.

  47. we are what God says we are

  48. PETER MUKHWANA says:

    peter mukhwana from kenya, western kenya conference i will be there God willing and wish to make as many friends as possible as we glorify GOD and wait for his second coming. AMEN

  49. Richmond says:

    we will be much privilege to be invited to such a program as a participating Organization. The Name of our organization is the- Youth Empowerment for Leadership Foundation (YELF). We are based in Ghana, West Africa. We can be reached on either of the Numbers for further inquiries:

  50. Oluwafemi says:

    Hattrick oluwafemi from nigeria I will like to attend.my number is +2347031088656, email is hattric09@yahoo.com

    • Lamin Singhateh says:

      it is surely my utmost prayers to be in the midst of my fellow young people in making the event susseccesful, am lamin singhateh working in a position of an executive secretary to a local based youth organization called kombo east youth and children development alliance. the Gambia

  51. A generous heart and a life of service are the things that renew humanity…… Let us make a difference in our communities and be the hands and feet of JESUS in our generation.

  52. Ssema Rickie says:

    I am a ugandan youth I would really like to attend the conference to take place in Pretoria South Africa in july this year.please may God bless u

  53. muddukaki solomonjackson says:

    I would like to attend, how do we get the invitation?i,m A Ugandan born again Christian

  54. I Will be part of this wonderful i request to send me invitation letter to process my visa.
    Am in Uganda

  55. Natassha says:

    A massive group of youth will be hosting an International IMPACT Coffeebar on the 5th July as we socialize, network and get to know those we will be attending the Congress with. Please check out our facebook page by searching FLAME ON Impact 2013

  56. Natassha says:

    We are hosting this in Cape Town, South Africa, keep track of the event and the feeds on our page.

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