After GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ Conference)

GYC just ended in Houston. Were you there? Tell us your experience. What will you take away? What were some highlights for you? Do you consider yourself “conservative”? Do you share the concerns expressed, implicitly or explicitly, about right dress, right music styles, fear of “spiritual formation”? Or do you take this all with a grain of salt? What does it mean for you to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”?

Justin’s opening talk emphasized the importance of the local church, and working in it and with it. He emphasized the importance of the mission in your own community, and making a real difference in practical ways in your local church and your neighborhood. Did you learn anything in the group sessions on Sabbath afternoon that you will be able to put into practice in your church?

As they prepare for next year’s conference in Seattle, I would encourage close collaboration between local pastors, the conference, and GYC leadership.

What does Seattle need? How can GYC impact the city in a positive way? How can GYC involve local members, pastors, and conference officials in the planning and the conference? I would urge them, do all you can to connect the conference with the churches of the host city and the local conference and let the flavor of the local church make this conference unique.

Pastor Bill Cork, Houston, TX


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11 Responses to After GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ Conference)

  1. Gio says:

    Here are some positive things…

    More than 2750 people participated in outreach knocking on approximately 23,636 doors.
    Over 300 attendees walked the streets of Houston, talking with people.
    Bible study cards distributed: 9346
    Bible studies requested: 2225
    Glow tracts distributed: 30,000
    And we were able to pray with more than 2300 people.

  2. Andrew says:

    I hope that being sincere, these people can be reached by God. I think that our church has a lot of growing to do. Me too.
    I just hope that the attendees will be open to growth.

  3. I was not able to attend this year’s GYC Convention in Houston like I had planned but I was able to watch a few of the general sessions via the livestream. I have attended GYC in the past, and wished I could have been in Houston. But I did receive several phone calls and text messages from friends and colleagues who were there in Houston asking if I was there. I asked them the question I always ask whenever I want to get the scoop on one of our youth events, “What do you think of the event so far?” Everyone said the same thing. They were all enjoying the preaching and breakouts. One of our youth leaders said: “This has been the best event I have attended in a long time”. One young adult said to me, “I have been blessed like never before”.
    I understand that GYC may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”. I know that for some the “traditional” or “conservative” approach doesn’t speak to them. Some prefer a different style and/or approach to ministry in general and others can’t imagine youth ministry with hymns…etc but the bottom line is that many adventist teens, young adults and their friends went to GYC and were richly blessed. I praise God for that. I also want to mention that even though I disagree with some of the methods and opinions of GYC, I am supportive of the GYC young adults who lead this convention. I am thankful for Bill Cork’s appeal to GYC in regards to collaborating with church leaders. I can attest to the fact that GYC continues to reach out to local Conference and church leaders (at least much better than it did in the past) to collaborate and offer support.
    Thanks Bill for reminding all of us that we can do better for the Kingdom if we collaborate. As a church leader, I accept your challenge and will do all I can to make this possible. Blessings

  4. Bill Cork says:

    Thanks, Manny, and welcome to the administrative team of this blog!

  5. Bill,

    Where has the original article disappeared to along with the 10+ comments?

    • Bill Cork says:

      We are having some conversations offline.

      • Brother Michael says:

        in one of your comments or someone commenting on one of your comments about GYC—sorry— mention was made of a Catholic movement in Alexandria, LA from last decade. I’d like some more information on it if possable? I’d like to check with the local RC church here for a bit more info. Hopefully before next Monday? See you at the SWU pastor’s meetings?

  6. Gio says:

    Below I post a letter about GYC that clears up some facts of the original post! The link to the original is also at the bottom.

    January 5th, 2012 | Author: Amy Sheppard
    I still have to pinch myself to snap to the reality that after fourteen months of planning, GYC’s 2011 conference in Houston, Texas, has come to an end.

    In reflecting on this past conference and the myriad of preparations that led up to it, a round of “thanks” is due to all of those who collaborated with and helped us in the planning of Fill Me: Our Earnest Plea.

    A special thanks to the Texas Conference and Elder Carlos Craig is definitely in order. Elder Craig’s enthusiasm about GYC coming to Texas greatly encouraged us. We especially appreciate the time he took to communicate with several members of the GYC team over the past year in preparation of multiple aspects of the conference.

    GYC sought to support local churches by providing them with Bible study leads gathered during our Friday outreach, and Elder Craig actively and invaluably facilitated our efforts by providing us with the names of pastors, handpicked from the Houston area, with whom we could collaborate.

    Pastor Richard Peterson of the Houston Central Seventh-day Adventist Church was also extremely helpful in planning the outreach that yielded so many Bible study leads and opportunities for our young adults to pray with members of the Houston community. We are happy to note that this collaboration with Pastor Peterson continues as he directs follow-up efforts to our outreach day.

    We had an exciting opportunity to assist the church plant in the nearby city of Alvin by finding more people in their community who are seeking to know the Lord in a personal way. Lisa, thank you so much for your help, and we pray that the support we were able to offer will in some way be able to help the Alvin church grow and be a beacon in your community.

    We also appreciate the support of the Southwest Region Conference, and Elder Roger Wade’s participation in our program by greeting our attendees during the convention.

    Speakers and presenters at this year’s conference made time in their busy schedules—during the holidays, no less—to come and share valuable truths about the Holy Spirit with the youth of our church. Your respective ministries have impacted members of the GYC team and the youth within our circles in the past on a personal, individual level. For this reason, we selected you to again be vessels of blessing to Seventh-day Adventist young people at our 2011 conference. We are grateful that the Lord did indeed use you during our five days in Houston.

    And of course, we would be amiss to forget to thank all of our volunteers. GYC cannot run without volunteers. The time and talents you lent us are greatly appreciated and have not gone without notice. Thank you.

    As announced on Saturday evening, GYC is heading to Seattle in 2012, and we are thrilled with the collaboration that is already taking place between the Washington Conference and GYC. Two of our team members met with Washington Conference officers just days before the Houston convention to discuss how GYC’s time in Seattle will contribute to local churches and their plan for urban evangelism.

    David Yeagley, Youth Director of the Washington Conference, and his family joined us at GYC, and we sincerely thank them for sacrificing some of their vacation to spend time with us in Houston. In conjunction with Elder Yeagley, we will rally substantial local participation from young adults in the Seattle area with the projects GYC plans for our conference there.

    Last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who has supported GYC through prayers, participation, donations, and spreading the word about GYC. We are deeply grateful for your continued support as we continue to work with the church to fulfill its mission to take the gospel to the world.

    Happy 2012!

  7. One event…multiple witnesses…

  8. When you say, “Your view does not make sense,” you mean:

    1) “I don’t see the sense you are making, yet. Please tell me more about it.”
    2) “I don’t like the sense you are making. I know you make it. I just don’t like it.”
    3) “You don’t make my sense.” – People never make other people’s sense. They make their own…

    Understanding – To see someone’s sense as different from yours. To grasp their validity.

    All people make sense all the time…

  9. I wish to be there by the grace of God

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