Ignition 2012

Over the last decade, we have provided young adult ministry training across the North American Division and beyond.  Under the branding of IGNITION, we have seen several local conferences continue this training in their context, giving special emphasis to helping local leaders disciple those post high-school through pre-parenthood.  We applaud these local efforts and direct you to our continued division-wide efforts to educate and equip. This year Ignition will feature Timothy Gillespie, Jose Rojas, Tara VinCross, Ron Pickell, Dan Jackson, Justin Vibbard, Rick Anderson, Lisa Hope Tilstra, Allan Walshe and will feature Worship Project from Florida.

– Ignition Schedule

We encourage you to establish an IGNITION for your constituents.  Our blog site [https://ignitionblog.wordpress.com/], offers us an online space to advertise and alert others to your young adult ministry training events.  Also find there helpful resources and dialogue.  It is exciting to see many leaders, beyond youth ministry professionals, seeing the importance of mentoring new generations and beginning in earnest to train and equip to that end.

IGNITION Young Adult Ministry Training: https://ignitionblog.wordpress.com/

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  1. I just hope the congress will uplift me

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