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Over the past ten years, Younger Generation Church [YG] has learned a great deal about young adult ministry in the local context. We’ve experienced great successes and seen our share of failures, but through it all we’ve been humbled by what GOD has done through YG to deepen the devotion of next generations to Christ Jesus.

As we begin a new decade, we wish to engage with other local churches, ministry leaders, and young adults who share our passion for young adult ministry. It’s our hope to learn from others and to share, as open source, YG resources, insights, experiences, expertise, and assets.


It’s for this reason YG University [YGU] has been launched.


Beyond the important work of weekly young adult ministry, in our local context of the Metroplex and Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church, YG aspires to be of benefit to the larger sphere of young adult ministry development across the Adventist landscape. We pray it will be a blessing to many others and we are excited for the learning opportunities it will offer us as well. university.YGchurch.com

As an influential church leader, we hope that YGU segments will provide you with insights and wisdom in your ministry endeavors.  As a sampler of this intent, find below some common questions YGU addresses:

• Why aren’t our programs getting traction with next generations? http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/yg-university/mission-focused-young-adult-ministry/

• What is an interpersonal skill that I need to relate with Millennials? http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/yg-university/empathy-for-a-new-generation/

• How are today’s young people different or the same from other generations? http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/yg-university/courage-in-digital-babylon/

• What are the perceptions Adventist young adults have of the church? http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/yg-university/how-do-adventist-millennials-compare/

• What kind of church are next generations drawn to? http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/yg-university/joining-in-the-journey-of-millennials/

You will find regularly released from YGU, easy-to-integrate-and-share segments that are intended to help leaders like you–and local churches like yours–love young adult well. university.YGchurch.com

Finally, if you have questions for YGU to address, please send them along [YGU@ygchurch.com]; It’s our intent to be relevant and helpful to where you are. We’re excited for what we will learn from you as well.

We’re here to support and encourage your vital ministry as we all aspire to deepen the devotion of next generations to Christ Jesus.


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