GODencounters Reveres Jesus at the Center of Revelation

WorshipLeaders“GODencounters was an experience that I will not forget,” lauded high school senior, Chrissy Gaban. “It strengthened me mentally and spiritually. . . it felt like God was specifically speaking to me through the worship sessions.”

Steve2Author and missions specialist, Dr. Steve Case, was featured at the 2015 GODencounters Conference, hosted by Younger Generation Church [ygchurch.com], the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church, Texas, USA. The theme, “Jesus Revealed. Jesus Revered.” challenged young adults to explore the book of Revelation and understand the importance of humanity’s worship in the context of Earth’s final moments.


“GODencounters made me see that Jesus is the whole point of the book of Revelation,” confirmed Ian Reyes, a business marketing major at University of Texas at Arlington. “I am no longer intimidated to study it!”

As a prequel to the conference, Dr. Case presented the week of prayer for Burton Adventist Academy, as well as Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation, a special three-night event for the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. The intent was to offer great intergenerational opportunities for the entire community to explore Revelation and discover Christ Jesus at the center of it all.

“I was fascinated with the demographics of the turnout,” mused Michael Cuilla, a local businessman who shared he had coordinated many Daniel and Revelation Seminars in the past. “Not only were there young people, [there also was] older people, and very old people – everyone thoroughly enjoyed the week. Made simple enough that a child could understand, I felt I got more out of this in-depth Bible study.”

Volunteers2GODencounters is a young adult movement that started at the turn of the century, encouraging next generations to pursue a 24/7 experience of the living GOD. This year’s conference had over 1,100 in attendance on the culminating Sabbath, and thanks to Arlington Church’s media ministry, over 250 online viewing sites joined in from Pyatigorsk, Russia; to Lagos, Nigeria; to Calgary, Canada; to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to name only a few locations. All the sessions for GODencounters and Revelation are accessible on demand from Younger Generation Church’s Vimeo channel, https://vimeo.com/tag:Revelation+YGchurch

JesusRevealeJesusRevered“My aha moment was realizing that the book of Revelation is God telling His story through Jesus – that Jesus is going to win and He’s in control,” added Cuilla. “We just need to stay connected with Him. I felt encouraged that God would be with us. I realized the importance of staying connected through prayer and the concept of claiming territory for God. . . Why did it take me 49 years to learn these two principles?”

Discover more about Younger Generation Church at http://www.YGchurch.com


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