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YG: Inspiring Those Around Us with the HOPE of GRACE

While at Unity Park last Sabbath one of our very own, Deborah Obeng, snapped a picture of Bogdan Kuchurivskyy with his arm around a homeless man. Later Deborah posted the picture on Ints…agram with the hashtag “inspire good” and the … Continue reading

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Online Education…Where No One Can Hear You Scream Part 2: How to Kill a Woolly Mammoth

Originally posted on eLearning is Half the Battle:
The Sound of One Hand Typing Remember back when you were in school?  The empty building, the vacant classroom, sitting alone in contemplative silence when the teacher was your only friend?  Unless you…

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The 3 biggest networking mistakes

Originally posted on Fortune:
Would you hesitate to admit that you were out of work and could use some help finding a new job? Apparently, lots of people would, and it’s holding them back. About 42% of senior managers in…

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Wall Street’s ups and downs: JP Morgan cuts staff, Morgan Stanley’s bankers get a raise

Originally posted on Fortune:
This week may have gotten off to a pretty upbeat start for a group of young bankers at one Morgan Stanley, but a group technology employees at JP Morgan Chase is now looking for new work.…

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Celebrating Milestones

Younger Generation Church [YG], the young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas is celebrating an important milestone this year. Having launched their young adult ministry in 2004, they will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a black-tie affair. The special … Continue reading

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Be on the lookout for new updates and changes coming soon to Ignitionblog. We have some catching up to do!

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