Online Education…Where No One Can Hear You Scream Part 2: How to Kill a Woolly Mammoth

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The Sound of One Hand Typing

Remember back when you were in school?  The empty building, the vacant classroom, sitting alone in contemplative silence when the teacher was your only friend?  Unless you were trained as a Shaolin Monk, then probably not.  You were surrounded by people, some paying more attention than others perhaps, but still people.  You were not alone, and that made more of a difference than you were probably aware of.  We are social by nature, even in the creation story it is acknowledged that it is not good for us to be alone.   We make connections, associations, even comparisons that bump and nudge the primal forces within us to propel us forward in our learning.  There may be situations where we need to seek the isolation and solitude of a single instructor and student (see Shaolin Monk reference above) but generally this is NOT something…

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The 3 biggest networking mistakes

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Would you hesitate to admit that you were out of work and could use some help finding a new job? Apparently, lots of people would, and it’s holding them back.

About 42% of senior managers in a new OfficeTeam poll cited “Not asking for help” as the No. 1 networking mistake in a new survey by staffing firm OfficeTeam.

“Some people still feel embarrassed about being out of work, or they are shy about ‘inconveniencing’ others,” says Robert Hosking, OfficeTeam’s executive director. “But connections are more important now than ever, and every one counts.”

It might help to bear in mind that most of those connections are genuinely glad to help if they can. “Not providing help when others need it” came in near the bottom on executives’ list of networking errors, mentioned by just 7% of them.

Almost one-third (28%) said that “not keeping in touch” is the networking…

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Wall Street’s ups and downs: JP Morgan cuts staff, Morgan Stanley’s bankers get a raise


A sign of things to come?

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This week may have gotten off to a pretty upbeat start for a group of young bankers at one Morgan Stanley, but a group technology employees at JP Morgan Chase is now looking for new work.

JP Morgan [fortune-stock symbol="JPM"] is reportedly cutting “hundreds” of tech support jobs, according to a Bloomberg article that relies on anonymous sourcing, the latest move in an industry-wide effort to trim down support staff amid the recent decline in trading revenue at many Wall Street banks. Meanwhile, a separate Bloomberg report on Monday featured inside sources claiming that Morgan Stanley [fortune-stock symbol="MS"] is rewarding some of its youngest employees by raising base salaries for junior bankers by roughly 25%.

If the reports are accurate, the raises at Morgan Stanley would apply to the bank’s associate-level positions and vice presidents working around the globe in the investment banking and capital markets arms. Associates at the…

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Celebrating Milestones


Younger Generation Church [YG], the young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas is celebrating an important milestone this year.

Having launched their young adult ministry in 2004, they will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a black-tie affair. The special evening is slated for August 2, 2014 and will entail an abundance of gratitude, great food and great company.

Honored guests include Ritchie & Sheila Pruehs, Mike & Gayle Tucker, Brooks & Jaclyn Pruehs, and Shastin Rains.

Younger Generation Church [YG] is the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our mission is to deepen our devotion to Jesus Christ by pursuing intimacy with GOD, experiencing community with each other, and inspiring those around us with the hope of grace.


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Be on the lookout for new updates and changes coming soon to Ignitionblog. We have some catching up to do!

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Young Adult Ministry: LOST to LIFE

SDA infographic v4“I’m enthusiastic about Young Adult Ministry. . . So now what?

The 2013 NAD Year End Meeting presentation on Young Adult LIFE was a home run, having many Adventist leaders and administrators excited about young adult ministry. So what’s next to get the tide turned, returning next generations to our faith communities?

I believe this will require us to move from the research to practical step-by-step actions that each of our local churches and the various tiers of church organization can implement. To that end, I wanted to offer you a preview of a young adult ministry praxis model I’m calling: From LOST to LIFE.

Developed from nearly 30 years of research and ministry, I wanted to share a concise construct for your consideration and critique:

From LOST to LIFE – A Step-by-Step Young Adult Ministry Model

Offered here is a praxis model in response to the telling findings of David Kinnaman’s You Lost Me and the Barna Group’s Seventh-day Adventist Millennials Research:

· Learn how your church is doing with next generations [pre-assessment].
· Listen to the context of your young people and discover authentic ways to Biblically engage them [resourcing & training].

· Initiate conversations with next generations about their journey [empathy].
· Intergenerate inclusive ministry opportunities that empower their skill sets [apprenticeship].

· Form environments intentionally focused on building faith in next generations [discipleship].
· Foster authentic intergenerational relationships [mentoring].

· Evaluate how your church is doing with next generations [post-assessment].
· Enhance and refine your next generation ministry strategy [best practice].

So how can I get started?
Start with the “L” in the model: LISTENING & LEARNING.
Here are two resources to get you started towards young adult LIFE:

This free video and talksheet were designed to help you better understand the context of today’s young adults. Even if you haven’t read “You Lost Me,” by David Kinnaman, it will help you and your team begin the listening process.

Download the video FREE at Download the companion talksheet FREE at

At Younger Generation Church [], we are thrilled to have enrolled in Barna Labs, a full-year learning experience, with diagnostic surveys and practical training from David Kinnaman and the Barna team. This is a limited experience for a select group, so get full information now at *For Seventh-day Adventist churches and ministries wanting to enroll, we’ve arranged for an additional discount to the level you select.


Local leaders, pastors, churches, conferences, and unions can start with these two resources, beginning to learn about next generations and listen to the heartbeat of the Millennial context. NAD, GC, even non-Adventist leaders and administrators can begin with these steps to move their church from next generations LOST, to next generations experiencing LIFE in Christ Jesus.

So now what?
As Jose Rojas would say, “Just do it!”
Start moving next generations from LOST to LIFE today.

1425272_605497896057_2098941370_oA Allan Martin, PhD, is the teaching pastor of Younger Generation Church [], the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas [USA]. Dr. Martin continues as adjunct faculty for the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, specializing in discipleship and family ministry. He and his wife, Deirdre, tour nationally, speaking about relationships as well as equipping new generations in Christian lifestyle and leadership. Along with daughter Alexa, they reside in the DFW Metroplex
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Southwestern Union hosts “Jesus All.” 2013 Young Adult Festival of Worship


The second annual, union-wide Young Adult Worship Festival hosted record-breaking attendance this past Spring as it convened in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex [DFW]. Themed Jesus All. – the intent was to encourage next generations to put Jesus at the center of their lives.

“Spiritually, it gave me more reasons to sing about what I believe,” shared student Nethania Amanuel. “I want to be a bit more ‘Jesus-inspired’ in my faith.”

The festival launched with speaker Elder Russ Laughlin, Vice President for Spiritual Development, Southwestern Adventist University, and performances by the University Singers under the direction of Jonathan Wall.  Dr. A Allan Martin and Pastor Leah Jordache led worship sessions accompanied by musical duo, The Only Way, performing an original worship song to round out the Sabbath morning worship experiences.

“The messages in each worship were excellent,” lauded DFW young adult Jorge Mardones. “The speakers and artists were on fire for Christ and their passion transferred over to us.”

The afternoon afforded attendees options for spiritual growth seminars with Pastors Jordache and Marland May, as well as a volunteer service opportunity at Mission Arlington, a community agency providing support to families in need.

MissionArlington“Serving the community allows us to develop our character and use our talents—to get out of our comfort zones,” shared collegian David Kuchurivskyy. “It allows us to pursue something that God is driving in us—to be involved and try something new that will help us become better believers.”

The festival culminated with an evening concert by YG Worship and award-winning recording artist, Chris August.  All done with the desire to praise Jesus Christ, the concert engaged and inspired the audience with worship songs and August sharing his personal testimony.

Registered young adults were given a “swag bag” filled with books and resources to share what they learned at the festival and continue the movement to make Jesus the center of it all. With such great worship experiences, service/growth activities, and social opportunities, young adults are already looking forward to next year’s Young Adult Festival of Worship.

“The emphasis on Jesus as everything was very, very important,” reflected Leah Jordache, Southwestern Union coordinator of discipleship and young adult ministry. “So often we get confused about what our religion is about, or even what our lives are supposed to be about. We need to reminded that Jesus is everything, and when we are in Him, we have everything we need. That was the theme for the festival and I think it’s crucial, especially for young adults who are trying to live out their faith.”

OddieOAuthor byline: Oddie Olazaran is studying theology at Southwestern Adventist University and serves as the communication director for Younger Generation Church [], the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church, Texas, USA


JesusAllConcertClick here for more photos of the 2013 Young Adult Festival of Worship [by Frances Otero Photography]
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